Protection & Prevention Never get caught with lost or corrupted data again.

Helping Your Protect Your Data & Files

At ZenData, we want to help make sure that you are keeping your data and files safe. Do you know how to professionally manage and protect your digital assets? We want to help you feel comfortable in your devices and sleep easier knowing your data is safe. We provide one-on-one consultations to help you establish a professional, repeatable, and redundant workflow that will leave you in control of your data. Proper storage is unique to your situation, but here are a few things we recommend for data protection, no matter what:

Installing encryption or protection programs - protect your devices from access by strangers.
Save everything on internal and external hard drives, then save it again. In addition to encrypting your information, we recommend having multiple physical storage locations.
Change your passwords often. Make them complex and be sure to write them down in a safe place.
Regularly back up your data to both physical and cloud storage locations.
Run regular system diagnostics reports - understand what is happening on your devices and be prepared to address anything that may come up.
If any of this is overwhelming to you, we provide one on one coaching to provide you with efficient and effective data storage habits that will keep you in control.

Have a question? Unsure if you're properly storing you files? Just want to talk about data safety?

We are happy to help consult on ways to safely handle and protect your data. Contact us for more information.

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Data Management Consultations & Education

Being prepared is your number one best defense for any issues of data loss or corruption.

We are excited to teach you how to manage your data. We offer custom one on one coaching sessions that assess your particular needs and teach you in language you can understand how to manage your data efficiently and safely

Are you constantly ‘Running out of Memory’? Unable to find older files? Unsure how to backup your files or restore them should you need them? We will teach you how to manage all of this, so you can focus on your business and your art.

Get in touch for a consultation of the best data management and loss prevention methods, unique to your small business.

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