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ZenData helps you recover key digital information when you need it most. There is nothing like the sinking feeling of a file corrupting or accidentally being deleted while you are working, and ZenData is here to keep you moving during these emergencies and moments of panic.

We use licensed enterprise data recovery software to recover your lost data with a high degree of speed and accuracy. Our years of experience have allowed us to quickly identify and solve problems related to data loss or corruption.
We can resolve the majority of data loss situations at no additional inconvenience to you - no need to leave your home or send us your devices. We are able to remotely access and connect to your system to perform the recovery, allowing you to get back the data that you need quickly.
Prevention is a core mission of ZenData. We strive to educate about data loss prevention methods for success in the future. We help create systems and processes for our customers to give you safety, security, and a general state of well-being when it comes to your key information.
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ZenData is a proud member of the ZenFlow Technologies family, where your small business growth starts with strong tech. When your technology breaks, doesn’t work, or hinders your growth, ZenFlow Technologies gives you someone to call. When your hardware or software isn’t designed for what you need it to do, ZenFlow Technologies can build you something completely custom.

Reclaim your time and stay focused on what’s important in your life knowing that you have a trusted technology partner.

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