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Lost your client wedding photos?

Lost your client birth photos?

Lost your holiday trip photos?

Lost design files or documents?

Devices damaged by fire, water, or an accident?

Data lost from hardware or software corruption?

Don’t worry, we can recover your files.

Recover Your Lost Files Now

Our recovery services guarantee professional photographers, creatives and artists, marketing agencies, journalists, security specialists, or anyone who utilizes common storage hardware and software will be back up and running quickly.

If you’ve lost your digital images or files, first and foremost, DON’T PANIC. Most often lost images and files are recoverable.

Stop doing anything more to the SD card, hard drive, or thumb drive. Don’t use general purpose recovery software or unknown shareware to try and recover your files, get in touch with a professional right away. Read more about our process and submit the form below to get started.

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Devices We Can Recover From

  • SD Cards
  • External or Internal SSD’s
  • External or Internal HD’s
  • Flash Drives or Thumb Drives

Recovery Time

Your Data is recovered within a few hours from when we are able to connect remotely to your system*

Our Process

Get in Touch

Book a recovery consultation using the form below and we will send you a meeting link to talk about what you have lost, what we can expect to recover, and put together a plan to get your data fully recovered.

We Connect Remotely

We will remotely connect to your computer and file storage locations via Google Remote Desktop. We get up and running on your devices in a matter of minutes.

We Restore Your Data

Using our proprietary software, we will locate your damaged or lost data and restore it to your system to the best of our abilities.

ZenData Guarantee

If for some reason we are unable to recover your data, you owe us nothing for our time.


Remote Data Recovery:

*if your data is fully or partially restored

In rare situations you may need to ship your physical storage media (sd card, SSD, or external Harddrive) to us. In this case there will be additional fees for return shipping as well as for any replacement storage media required to return your data to you.

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